5 Places on My Must-Go List!

28 Dec

I can spend hours looking through travel blogs and perusing the internet looking at all the different destinations in the world. My list of places I want to see is growing daily and some places that I wanted to visit are no longer that high on my list but there are some places that I want to visit no matter what. Here are 5 of them.

1. Cambodia – There’s really no reason or story behind this. My interest in Cambodia started a few months ago and the more I read about other travelers’ adventures there, I know I need to go too. There is just something about the culture and the people that is calling my name. I know that it will not be an easy place to visit but the desire to understand and learn more about the culture, people, and history is much stronger than any fear I have about going.

2. Peru – Given my love of Latin America, ancient ruins, and culture, this one is pretty obvious. If all goes as planned, I will be spending at least a month here during my gap year. Going on the Inca Trail is a definite adventure for me and hopefully I will be taking an Inca Culture class at a school in Cusco. The history nerd in me could not be more excited.

3. Morocco – This was recently added to my list after we studied a small amount of Arabic Literature in my World Lit class. The unit prompted an interest in the Arabic language as well as the Islam faith and culture. A quick Google search resulted in finding a school in Morocco that teaches a few dialects of Arabic as well as offering various history, literature, and culture classes. Perfect, right? Plus, Morocco just looks really cool.

4. Africa – Okay, I know that Morocco is technically in Africa but I also want to go to other parts of Africa. I don’t even care which country, though Ghana seems to stand out to me. I want to go somewhere and I want to help. To me, the people of Africa are the biggest example of what it means to be strong out there. They have suffered through so much and yet they still maintain a vibrant culture and keep fighting.

5. Amazon Rainforest – I would be lying if I said the thought of riding down in a boat down a river full of huge, gigantic snakes and flesh-eating fish where neither side is visible didn’t scare me. Or that the thought of staying in a jungle full of poisonous snakes and frogs and who knows what else doesn’t make me want to hide under the covers and never leave me house. But at the same time, the Amazon Rainforest is one of the greatest natural things left on the planet. It provides the entire WORLD with so many things and I know that I would kick myself if I never get to at least SEE it in person. Hoping to cross this one off of my list on my gap year as well!


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