Hello, Dream College!

25 Jan

Saturday, January 21, 2012 may quite possibly go down as one of the best days of my life. Why? Well, because I got some wonderful news.

I got accepted in to my dream college!

I’m still kind of freaking out over it. I was not expecting to receive a letter at all because I thought I still had another two weeks and an interview before the college made a decision. So imagine my surprise when I opened an envelope from them, assuming it would just be another general information packet, and the first words I read are “Congratulations! I am pleased to offer you admission…”

To say I freaked out would be an understatement. I screamed “I got in!!!” in the car, called everyone who would even care the slightest bit, texted pictures of the letter to all of my friends…then I danced around the house the rest of the night.

I will officially be a student of LIU Global!

A lot of people, particularly my friends who applied to fifteen different colleges and get acceptance letters every day, are a little stunned by my reaction. I mean, it’s just a college, right? There’s thousands of them out there! Well, yes…except, um, this was the only school I applied to. I put everything I had into that application, I freaked out for days before I finally hit the “send” button. All of my hopes and dreams were riding on getting that shiny letter in the mail. I wasn’t sure if I would get in or not and, if I hadn’t, I would have gotten over it and moved on. I would have applied to colleges next fall and found somewhere else that I could have probably been happy at. But, luckily, that doesn’t have to happen. BECAUSE I GOT IN. (I really love typing that…)

So why LIU Global?

From the moment I found out about it, LIU Global has been my top choice as far as colleges go. There was never another contestant. Why? Well, because it’s the ONLY college of its kind. It takes hands-on learning and immersion into a new culture to the next level and gives students the opportunity to study abroad EVERY YEAR they are in college. It has centers in Costa Rica, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, India, China, Australia, Peru and Ecuador. Everyone does their freshman year in Costa Rica and then has a few options. I plan on spending my first year in Costa Rica, my second during a Comparative Culture and Religion focus that will take me to Turkey, Thailand, Taiwan and India over the course of the year, and then I’ll spend my third year doing the Global Issues in South America program which will take me to Peru and Ecuador in the fall and I’ll finish it off with a semester in Australia that spring. For our senior year, we can pick pretty much anywhere we want to go, as long as we can get it approved, for the first semester. I’m leaning towards Africa right now. Then we round off our college career with the final semester in NYC.

Four years of non-stop travel! Five, if you count my gap year…I can honestly say that I’ve NEVER been more excited in my life. It sounds like heaven!

I’ll graduate with a Global Studies degree. Everyone always raises their eyebrow and goes “What are you going to do with THAT?” when I tell them that part. Well…I’ll do pretty much anything I want. I can go back to school to get my masters in something. I can teach abroad. I can write. I can get a job with a nonprofit. I can do whatever I want. Right now, I’m definitely leaning towards teaching English abroad, just because that’s something I’ve wanted to do since returning home from Guatemala. But, who knows, maybe I’ll do something totally different!

I can’t wait for the future!


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