About Sky

Sky is a teenager girl living in the USA. She grew up in a small, rural town which she always found very boring. She began to grow tired of living vicariously through other’s adventures and began dreaming about traveling the world, visiting all the tourist locations of the world and also meandering off the beaten trail.

In 2011, she got her wish when she traveled with a small group of students and teachers to Guatemala. While there, they stayed in a small, rural town that most tourists never see and volunteered at a school before visiting the popular tourist locations of Antigua and Panajachel. This ten day trip ended up being the best days of Sky’s life and life-changing for her.

Since returning home Sky has had a severe case of wanderlust and is currently daydreaming about all the places she wants to go and planning a few trips she hopes to take. However, these trips are  not all for fun. Sky is constantly searching for new opportunities to see a different part of the world while still making a difference, whether it’s teaching English in Latin America, working in an orphanage in Cambodia, or helping with AIDS awareness and prevention in Africa. (All of which she hopes to do.) She is always looking for more opportunities to get involved and organizations and projects to support.

Sky can be contacted at skyaroundtheworld@ymail.com


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