Bucket List

Sky’s List of Places to Go and Things to Do

-Return to Guatemala

-Take Spanish classes in Antigua or Xela, Guatemala (will happen in January!)

-Build a house with Habitat for Humanity

-Visit every country in Central and South America (so far: Guatemala and Panama)

-Become fluent in Spanish

-Be in Brazil for the Carnaval

-Learn Portuguese in Brazil

-Hike the Machu Picchu trail in Peru

-Swim with dolphins

-Ride a horse in the Caribbean

-Visit East Asia

-Volunteer in an orphanage in Cambodia

-Ride an elephant in Thailand (took off of list after reading this article)

-Volunteer with elephants in Thailand

-Visit New York City

-Go to the Harry Potter themepark in Orlando

-Drive across the US from the east coast to California (will happen in September!)

-Do a wildlife conservation project in Africa

-Teach English in Guatemala

-Teach in Brazil

-Spend a week or more in Italy

-Write a travel memoir

-Visit all 50 states

-Go to the Hello Kitty Restaurant in Taipei

-Become fluent in French

-Learn a Mayan language

-Go to Paris

-Help an impoverished American town

-Live in another country

-Learn calligraphy

-Go to China

-Learn to ride a horse

-Build a library in Guatemala

-Learn to meditate

-Spend a year in Morocco studying Arabic and the Islam religion


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