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Change of Plans

5 Jan

I’ve been planning my gap year for a while now and my plans have changed faster than my clothes. First I was going to go around the world, hitting as many countries as possible. Then, when reality started to sink in, I changed my mind to spending 3-4 months in Latin America and flying home for Christmas, followed by 3-4 months in East Asia. Finally, when reality sunk in a little more, I decided on exploring more of the U.S., coming home for Christmas, and exploring Latin America for six months. I began to get a basic plan together in the past few weeks and had a general idea of where I would be when. Each day I would plan the trip a little more, finding something new that I wanted to see every day. I began counting down the days until my trip.

Then my best friend came over and dropped some big news. She was getting married, in May 2013, and she wanted me to be in the wedding. My first reaction was excitement, for her and for me. She had been waiting for a ring for a while now and her happiness was contagious. Plus I’ve always wanted to be in a wedding.

Then I realized what the date was. It is smack-dab in the middle of my gap year, right around the time I should have been in Bolivia.


Being a bridesmaid means I can’t just pop in for the day of the wedding. I have be there for the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and dress fittings.

Double crap.

Once I realized that, I immediately began changing plans in my head. If I’m home by April…if I skip this part of the trip… As excited as I was about traveling to a bunch of different countries, there was never any hesitation about changing my plans around. Bolivia, Peru, and Argentina will always be there. The rain forest may not be there forever but it will still be there in a few years. But, my best friend will (hopefully) only get married once. We’ve been best friends since I was in seventh grade and she’s helped me through everything. There is absolutely no way that I would put a new obsession with travel before something like her wedding.


However, since the wedding is in May, I still have a few months to travel. My plan for exploring the US still works – it’s just the Latin America part that needs to be revised. I know that I’m definitely going to Guatemala, at least for a month, just because I love it so much and it was the country that started this whole travel obsession. That leaves about 1-2 months to explore other places. I just haven’t figured out where, yet.


So, if you had thirty days to explore anywhere in Latin America, where would you go?