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The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost

24 Sep

The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost was the first travel memoir I’ve ever read and, so far, it is the best. By far. It follows Rachel Friedman who spent her life being the “good girl” – getting all the perfect grades, going off to a good college, and then suddenly finds herself with no idea of where to go next. So, she buys a ticket to Ireland and jumps into an adventure. She meets a crazy Australian, who convinces her to later return to Australia to explore some more, before the two of them set off on a crazy adventure throughout South America.

I think it was this book that has truly inspired me to keep traveling. I see so much of myself in Rachel, being both the good girl but wanting some adventure. I love that part of the novel takes place in South America because it has made my desire to go there even worse. I feel like I can learn from her lessons and mistakes before I head there myself. Unlike some of the authors of other travel memoirs, she’s not fearless and doesn’t make her whole journey without a mistake or two, which makes her all the more relatable. I feel like she could be my best friend.

I hope that someday I am able to have an adventure or two like Rachel. Until then, I guess I can just keep rereading this.